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簡易操作    輕鬆編輯    呈現超質感擬真物件
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Measurement System proprietary MultiStripe Laser Triangulation (MLT) technology. Patents Pending.
Source Twin arrays of four, Class 1M, 10 mW solid state lasers with custom optics. 650 nm wavelength.
Sensor Twin 3.0 Megapixel CMOS RGB image sensors.
Texture Capture Optically synchronous RGB color texture capture for precision-locked geometry correlation.
Texture Source Built-in spatially diverse whitelight texture illuminators with tri-phosphor, wide color gamut.
AutoPositioner™ High precision rotary servo positioner, auto-incremented under scanner control. 20 lb capacity.
PartGripper™ Fixture Universal part holder to adjust height, angle and orientation of capture. 10 lb capacity.


Object Size No preset limit. Objects larger than Field can be composite-captured with supplied software.
Field Size 5.1” x 3.8” (Macro) and 13.5” x 10.1” (Wide). (“Coke can” and “shoebox” sizes respectively).
Resolution Point density on target surface is 400 DPI in Macro Mode and 150 DPI in Wide Mode.
Dimensional Accuracy ±0.005” in Macro Mode and ±0.015” in Wide Mode.
Acquisition Speed 50,000 processed points/sec throughput. Typically 90 seconds per scan of each facet.
Typical Datasets Typical small models are a quarter million points, after oversampling and optimization.
Environmental Desktop use under ordinary office lighting. No darkroom or special backgrounds required.


ScanStudio™ Scan control panel with high performance OpenGL 3D viewer. Manages all hardware.
SolidWorks Integration Scan right inside SolidWorks. Click to get scan control panel, click again to go back to design.
Native File Format SolidWorks + NextEngine co-developed
native format. Zero conversion time or errors.
Format Options Scan files can also be output in STL, VRML and other formats for exchange with other systems.
File Size 20MB for typical model, based on 10 facet scans.
Modeling Tools Assemble views into a complete model easily with built-in Smart Alignment and trim tools.



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Auto3D Display 47”


No more 3D glasses! With naked eyes, you can view the 3D effects on the LCD monitor. Stereoscopic image is now widely used on education, media show, scientific research, medical care, entertainment, virtual navigation, ...etc. In the past, it isn't very convenient to view the stereoscopic images with 3D glasses. By using lenticular technology, now with Auto3D Display we can view the stereo effects without any 3D glasses for help.
Auto3D Display is a device of "Autostereoscopic Display" or a 3D LCD Monitor, which is prepared for those who need a 3D display for their specific applications like Advertisement, Education, Entertainment, Scientific Research, Commercial 3D Presentation, ...etc. It is positioned as a dedicated 3D display device for professional and commercial use. As a result, the user should take care of his 3D content authoring job according to his application. But, don't worry. We also prepared a series of professional authoring tools for your options to facilitate producing multiple-view 3D images.

Product Features:

No More 3D Glasses Without special eyewear to view 3D effects
Wide-Angle View 9 views for multiple-viewer wide-angle use
Instant 3D Photo Production Produces a 3D Photo in minutes with "Auto3D Maker".
PC 3D/VR Gaming Great for PC Direct3D games with "Auto3D Driver"
High Resolution Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
Cross Platforms Can work on any system like PC Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, ...etc. as long as it has DVI output.
Complete Multiple-View Authoring Tools (Optional) (With i-Art's Multiple-View Authoring Tools like "i-Magic Camera Plugin" (for 3DS Max R2 ~ R9, 2008 and 2009), "Auto3D Weaver", "Auto3D Maker", "MagicWorks" and Hardware Photography Systems like Foto3D-1CR, Foto3D-1CT and Foto3D-7C, it is very easy and efficient to produce multiple-view 3D images.)

Primarily inside the package:


  • 47” LCD monitor (3D Lens Well-Installed)
  • Auto3D Maker Package x 1
  • Auto3D Player & DEMO CD x 1
  • Auto3D Driver x 1
  • Hardware Security Dongle x 1
  • Power Cable x 1
  • VGA Cable x 1
  • DVI Cable x 1
  • LCD Monitor Installation Manual CD x1
  • System Requirements:
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz - the faster the better
  • System RAM 1GB or Higher
  • nVidia GeForce FX7900 or higher with at least 256MB graphics memory (as required by Auto3D Driver)
  • Windows XP/XP Pro.
  • DirectX 9 (as required by Auto3D Driver)


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Philips 42" 3DWOW - WOWvx Technology

3D Intelligent Display Solutions / HD autostereoscopic multiview displays

System Overview

Philips 3D Solutions offers a 42" autostereoscopic 3D display family, for professional applications, that provides today’s best 3D viewing experiences. The slanted multi-view lenticular lens technology affords full brightness and full contrast and allows multiple users to view 3D content at the same time, within a large comfort zone. Moreover, a true colour representation is ensured by the lenticular lens technology.

Philips 42 inch autostereoscopic 3D displayPhilips 42 inch autostereoscopic 3D display

The display is based on a High Definition panel and thus enables great picture quality in 2D and 3D mode. Integrated advanced display signal-processing offers content creators and end-users full control over the quality and depth-effect characteristics of the picture. Furthermore, a flexible 3D data interface, in the form of 2D-plus-depth, allows easy creation or adaptation of applications and content for the display.


The 42-3D6W01 3DWOW uses WOWvx technology for enhanced depth performance with exciting out-of-screen effects.


Philips 42 inch stereoscopic display: 42-3D6C01 Comfort type / 42-3D6W01 WOW 

Product Features:

  • Exciting out-of-screen true stereoscopic effects immediately grab the attention of the viewer.
  • Autostereoscopic display:
    • no need for 3D glasses
    • multiple users experience 3D at the same time
    • large 3D viewing zone.
  • Multi-view lenticular technology:
    • full brightness and full contrast
    • true colour representation.
  • High quality 3D and 2D mode:
    • 2D high-definition video playback
    • autosensing between 2D and 3D mode.
  • End-to-end system solution from content creation to visualization:
    • integrated intelligent signal processing
    • flexible 3D data format through 2D-plus-depth
    • 3D application performance and distribution bandwidth close to 2D
  • 3D content enabling products (optional):
    • OpenGL Vizualizer and Control
    • Real-time stereoscopic video to 3D conversion (in development, please contact for more info)
    • Plugin-ins for popular 3D animation software available (3DSMax)
    • Semi-automatic 2D to 3D conversion post-processing software (in development, please contact for more info)


simulated image of 3D on the 42 inch Philips Wow Display

simulated image of 3D on the 42" Philips Wow Display



對比度: 1000:1
產品重量 (kg): 29.5
尺寸 (mm): 1017x610x128
畫面大小 (diagonal inches): 42
顏色數 (millions): 16.7
輸入: DVI 
Number of Viewers: 9 (each eye sees 2 of these views) 
2D平面顯示解析度(pixels):1920x1080 (hd)



The interface to a Philips 3D monitor is based on 2D plus Z. Adjacent to the traditional 2D image a Z image is added, also named depth map. This is an image with the same size as the 2D image. Each pixel of the depth map corresponds to a pixel of the 2D image and indicates the distance of the corresponding 2D pixel to the observer.

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動態追蹤器 Ascension MotionStar Wireless

 MotionStar Wireless 將感應器放在使用者身上,以及含一個背包,其背包作用可以當作架子的底盤,以及一個或兩個呈現平行排列的傳輸器,傳輸相對應資料,及接受發射偵測到的磁場。









6: (position and orientation)


20 sensors per performer plus serial interface inputs for user devices


±3.05m in any direction per transmitter with transmitter option


All-attitude: ±180° Azimuth & Roll, ±90° Elevation


X,Y,Z position and orientation angles, rotation matrix, or quaternions

Static Accuracy Position/ Orientation

0.8cm RMS at 1.52m range, 1.5cm RMS at 3.05m range

0.5° RMS at 1.52m range, 1.0° RMS at 3.5m range

Static Resolution Position/ Orientation

0.08cm at 1.52m range, 0.25cm at 3.05m range

0.1° RMS at 1.52m range, 0.2° RMS at 3.05m range


Up to 100 measurements/second


Ethernet, RS-232C




Minimal: Keep transmitter & sensors away from the floor, walls, and ceiling



30.5cm cube with 6.10m cable


2.54cm x 2.54cm x 2.03cm cube with 10.68m cables


Each rack-mounted chassis houses up to 18 sensor cards with integrated power supply and interface


Metal objects and stray magnetic fields in the operation volume will degrade performance

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